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Know when your new content gets indexed

Pages may take time to be indexed and are virtually invisible until then. Use IndexCheckr to track when your new content gets indexed.


Monitor your indexed pages for any change

Pages may get deindexed due to inadvertent changes, such as incorrect robot meta tags. This can significantly impact your site. Our index checker tool helps you monitor your pages to prevent such issues.


Check if your backlinks are indexed

Verify that your links are on indexed pages. Links on pages that are not indexed have no SEO value. User IndexCheckr to easily double check a page is indexed before placing a link.

Mads Singers - Seo Mastery Summit host

Screenshot of a project's pages with their indexing status
SEO expert Helvijs Smotek

It's a great tool that works incredibly well.

I had issues with Screaming Frog and other tools, while this one gets the job done.

I highly recommend to add IndexCheckr to your SEO toolkit.

Helvijs Smoteks
SEO expert, Founder MarketMeGood

Why Use Our Page Index Checker?

No subscription

Buy credits as you need. No recurring costs. Manage your spending easily. 1 check = 1 credit.

Domain index check

If a page is not indexed, the tool checks if its domain is indexed, at no extra cost. Backlinks from non-indexed domains are potentially harmful.

Connect with indexers

Connect with your favorite indexer and submit pages for indexation directly from IndexCheckr.

Recurring checks

Schedule regular checks of your pages at fixed intervals. Receive email reports for any changes in their indexing status.

Checks history

Each check is recorded, allowing you to see precisely when a page was indexed, or de-indexed (which may indicate low content quality).

Export all data

Export all statistics from your projects, or the indexing status of all pages within a project, to a CSV file.

Bulk page checking

Easily large numbers of pages in bulk by pasting URLs, importing from CSV files, or using XML sitemaps.

Each URL undergoes two different checks for optimal accuracy.


Recurring checks

Set up recurring checks to receive email notifications for any changes.

Robot meta tag changes or other factors can inadvertently de-index pages, hurting your website's performance. Pages can also be de-indexed due to low-quality content, highlighting the need for a thorough review.

Our index checker tool lets you proactively monitor your pages and minimize these risks.


Submit pages for indexing

Connect IndexCheckr to your favorite indexer tool and directly submit non-indexed pages.

You can submit a specific page, or all non-indexed pages of a project with a single click.

We integrate with IndexMeNow, Omega Indexer, SpeedLinks, Links Indexer, and more to come.


Check history

Keep tabs on your pages' Google indexing status with time-stamped logs.

Our check history lets you track when your pages are indexed, showing how long it took, or if they are de-indexed, helping you identify potential content quality issues.


Export all data to CSV

You can export all your account data to CSV, including:

  • Global statistics across all projects, perfect for presentations.
  • All pages within a project, complete with status, date added, last check, and more.
  • All non-indexed pages, ideal for sharing with your content team to improve.
  • A specific set of pages selected manually.


  • 2 000 credits
  • $0.0075 per check
  • 10 000 credits
  • $0.0040 per check
  • 50 000 credits
  • $0.0025 per check
  • 200 000 credits
  • $0.0015 per check
Jean Luc L.

Very easy to use SEO tool. Very good price/service ratio.

Jean Luc L.Founder, SEO

(source Capterra)

Marek M.

Huge time saver. Very cost-effective way to check indexed links.

Marek M.Lead Generation Specialist

(source Capterra)

Paul W.

We are using this tool daily to check the indexing of new pages.

Paul W.Founder, Marketer

(source Capterra)

Try with 50 free credits
1 credit = 1 check

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